Henna Ojala

Henna is a business & marketing strategist, speaker, coach and a part-time innovation researcher. She is Head of Marketing Communications in one of the hottest startups in the world, HappyOrNot, the global leading real-time CX analytics company.

As a strategist Henna has been working, coaching and discussing with cross-functional groups of managers, C-suite and team leads from global enterprises to SME’s and startups.

Companies and educational institutions invite her to raise discussion, kick-off change management processes and facilitate cross-functional meetings or trainings. She speaks to various audience groups – from large events to confidential strategy days.

Henna speaks about Human to Human aspects of leadership & customer experience in today’s digital world. Her keynotes show and inspire how to take strategies into action. That requires not only seeing the big picture, but also breaking the main goals into smaller steps and processes. She inspires how to lead change and engage all levels of the organization.

Strategies are useless unless they come to life in everyday tasks.’

    Some of Henna’s recent keynotes

    Who is leading?
    Millennials and Gen Z represent increasing number of professionals in organizations. Organizations are turning more and more online – work can be done from anywhere, with anyone and at any time. Leadership is transforming from managing and leading to customer service. Henna uses real-life stories to why Human to Human leadership is now more important than ever and explains how leadership is transforming into customer service.   

    Creating 360° Customer Experience
    CX is on of the hottest topics, but it is full of words without actions. Henna takes the whole topic of CX one step further and uses the concept of Customer Experience Test Lab to show how to see, hear and feel what your customers experience. She provides examples how different teams and all levels of your organization can use CX Test Lab to reach their goals.

    Enough for CX bullshit.
    Are you ready to transform the way you think about Customer Experience? In her keynote Henna shows you the CX Roadmap. A Roadmap that provides you clear steps through examples – you get answers why, how and what it means to your business & organization.

    Themes & Topics

    • How to create 360° Customer Experience – from front line staff to C-suite
    • How to lead business with Customer Experience data
    • How to create 360° Talent Experience
    • Leading transformation – Leadership is customer service
    • Customer Experience Test Labs – how to create and why
    • Human to Human Leadership in the digital world